Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Khol (review and Look)

So last week I went to the market and there I spotted that Maybelline ColorShow Crayon kohl pencils were on sale. Their usual price is 6.95$ in Australia and these were for just 2.95$ on sale. I was thinking to give a try to that Color block trend from quite a long time so I took advantage and picked some of them.

There are 9 shades available in this crayon kohl and all of them are nice to add in your makeup stash. (in some countries you can get 12 shades)

I wanted to pick all the available shades but as I have most of the shades in other brands I end up picking only three shades.

1- Magic magenta (very beautiful bright pink/magenta)
2- Sparkle grey (A beautiful metallic grey shade)
3- Coralista (A bright orange)

The product is versatile because some of the shades can be used as lip product as well. While others can be used not only on eyelids which is trendy of course but they even wear nicely on the water line. They apply smoothly and after a few seconds of play time they set and stay well even on my oily lids and does not smudge or fades. Can be easily removed with makeup remover. They say on their website that you can remove this with soap and water but You will face some difficulty removing this way. I am a big lipstick eater. I hate myself for that. This product stays on my lips almost 6-8 hours even I eat or drink in between. Thumbs up.

Here I am sharing an easy tutorial of the look I have created using one of these pencils in magic magenta.

1- Did my brows.
2- Applied this frosty shade On my lid. (MUA heaven and earth palette)

3- Applied brown/bronze shade and applied in my crease area from the same palette making a V and applied same shade under my lower lash-line.
4- Blended this really well so no harsh lines were left there.

5- Highlighted under brow bone and inner corner of eye. Then I Applied magic magenta along my lashline and created a wing.
6- I lined my water line with a black pencil and then smudged under lower lash.

7- Following the pink liner I applied black gel liner. I tried to apply as close to lashline as possible.
8- Apllied generous coats of mascara.

9- Applied magic magenta pencil all over my lips and over the top applied MUA lipstick in shade 3 which is a beautiful bubble pink and got this beautiful magenta shade.

So this was a quick review and look I hope you like it. Let me know in comment section.

See yaa.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Rimmel wake me up foundation (Review)

Hi all. It's been a quite long time since I have not reviewed any product, so here is the one on Rimmel wake me up foundation. Keep on reading if you want to know what I think about it.

I was a bit hesitant to use it because it has sparkles/shimmer in it and I don't like to use these type of products on my oily skin but I thought why not to give it a try because of so many good reviews. I am happy that I picked it because it worth a try.

 I am loving this baby. I have combination oily skin and usually when I apply any foundation on regular bases my skin starts to break out. But with this one I am not having any bump on my face and I am using it almost every single day from last few weeks. So I can say I found my holygrail foundation.

            (with and without comparison )

I have it in color Ivory which is pale and have pink/peach undertone. It has nice buildable coverage you can see in picture above it hides redness on my hand. It gives me radiant glow and that wake me up effect :) It stays on for good 7-8 hours.

It has a typical cosmetic in it which doesn't bothers me. Packaging is quite good. A glass bottle which has that handy pump which is always nice for foundations. Has spf15 which is a plus point for me. I will highly recommend this foundation to all pretty girls.

I bought this for 19.95$ from local drugstore.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Smokey mahogany eye-look for Eid day2

As promised I am here with my 2nd look for Eid. This is kind of Smokey And a bit dramatic. If you are looking for soft eyes check my previous post. Let's start with easy pictorial.

 1- Bare eye.
 2- Defined my brows first.
 3- Applied eye-shadow base all over eyelid.  and under lower eye area.

 4- I have used This mahogany shade and.  applied all over my lid.
 5- I have used a tissue paper to achieve.  that. crispy edge instead of scotch tape.
 6- Applied same shade under lower.  lashline.

7- Applied eye pencil in charcoal shade over my top and bottom lashline and 
8- Blended this well to add that Smokey effect.

 9- I have applied highlighter under brow bone.
10- Took that dark shade again with a small brush and applied on inner corner of eye.

11- Blended a bit again to remove any harsh or uneven edges.
12- Applied generous coats of mascara. You. can use falsies as well if you like.

Rock this look with nude lips. Here is list of products I have used.

Hope you like this tutorial and find it helpful. Happy Eid in advance to all those who celebrate.

See yaa

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

soft and easy EID day look

Eid is on its way and this is my first look for the occasion, I have tried to keep it easy, wearable and simple because on first day of EID UL AZHA you have to do a lot of work regarding Qurbani and other stuff. My second look will be a bit dramatic so if you are looking for something dramatic don't miss my coming post.

I have tried to do an easy tutorial with pictures and step by step instructions so you can create it easily if you want.

  1. Defined my Brows first.
  2. Applied a creamy gold shade all over my eye with my ring finger.
  3. Applied golden shade on my eyelid using tapping motion with eye-shadow brush.
  4. Applied brown color above the crease and blended it well using wiper motion. 

shades used 

        5. Applied a highlighting shade on brow bone and very inner corner of eye. (tear               duct area) 
        6. Applied a white eyeliner on waterline.
        7. Applied a gel liner and flicked it a little bit.
        8. Time to conceal dark circles and highlight under eye area, I used a shade lighter           then my base to brighten up this area. 

   9. Time to curl and mascara.
   10. Curled my lashes.
   11. Applied Mascara to top and bottom lashes.
   12. Tadaa, eyes are done.

Applied lip pencil all over my lips. You can add clear or colored gloss on top of it if you want that glossy finish, like I did in picture. 
I liked matte red lips with this eye-look and I am gona roc it on EID day1.

products used for whole look.
  1. Revlon colorstay in buff
  2. Loreal nude Magique blur cream
  3. Rimmel match perfection concealer
  4. Boe pressed powder in fair
  5. Ardell brow palette in medium
  6. Motives shape and sculpt duo (for contouring and on crease)
  7.  MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
  8. Rimmel lash accelator mascara check my review here
  9. Maybelline eyestudio gel liner in black nior
  10. A non branded creamy gold eyeshade
  11. Maybelline fit me blush in Deep Rose
  12. Sleek kohl eyeliner pencil  in White
  13. Essence lipliner in Femme fatale
  14. Color studio high shine lipgloss in Overnight celebrity

Hope you like this tutorial and find it helpful.
see yaa

Sunday, 28 September 2014

what's in my bag

hi girls

As they say that the contents of a bag can tell you lot about its owner so If you want to know about me keep reading this post.

 Honestly no one asked me to reveal what is in my bag, :'( anyway I decided to show you guys what is actually in my bag.

My bag is not branded, I purchased it back in Pakistan before seven months from Js emporium for 2800 rupees I believe. Quality of bag is really good, its black leather bag has a chanel logo made with crystal rhinestones. zippers and buckles are golden in color. It has many small zip  pockets And this bag is pretty big.

1. Cleansing wipes
They are handy and not only they help you to refresh your face but can help you in many ways when you a naughty kid with you.

2. Wallet 
An essential, contains my debit cards, few rewards cards, photo ID n medicare  cards, and some currency of course.

3. Gum
I always like to keep them in my bag.

4. Keys
Entry keys of my building and apartment.

5. Pen
I love to write with my own pen. It's kinda hygienic I think.

6. Tele counter/Digital tasbeeh
Its better to worship in your spare times.

7. Sun Glasses
Gifted by hubby, not branded but very good in quality and looks so chick. The bigger is always better for sun glasses I think.

8. Hand sanitizer 
Another essential for me. Its always good to have it because you cannot wash your hand everywhere. I love the mild coconut smell of this one.

9. Perfume
I always keep a perfume oil roll on with me, At the moment I have DKNY be dlicious one which is almost finished. suggest me some good ones please.

You may need it anytime. Its always good to keep a nail filer or clipper.

11. Makeup bag
I always keep few makeup goodies with me for touch ups throughout the day, my makeup bag contains these few things.

I have my OLAY natural white day cream (I am using this one for years and this is the only one which moisturize my skin and doesn't break me out. I use it with my rimmel stay matte powder and need no foundation at all on normal days.
2. PRESSED POWDER Here I have a kabuki brush loaded with my favorite rimmel stay matte powder, i keep this incase I forget to keep my compact in bag after a makeup look.
3.  LIPSTICK  Always keep my Revelon lip butter in Sweet Tart with me. This is my most used and favorite lipstick. I have another lip product in purse which is matte lip cream by boe because I love this color.(boe is a local brand here in Australia)
4. SHINE ERASER Because I have oily skin I love to use them if I get some oil on my t-zone.
5. MASCARA I have small lashes and i need to keep one in my purse in case i wash my face and i need to reapply, here i have Motives high definition mascara in Midnight blue.
6. EYE PENCIL I love to have one for just in-case I have mentioned before, I like to keep a bright colored one because it can help you make fresh and chick either you use it under lower lash or as an eyeliner. (this one is MUA intense eyeliner in Turquoise)

I always keep one or two to prevent a case of hunger of my kido and mine too ;)

13. TOY
This is most surprising one in my bag. I have to keep one or two toys in my purse because my son get bored easily and I don't want him to play games all the time.

I always have one believe me but as I take my photos with my phone so it is not included in picture.
so this is what I have in my bag.
I also keep a water bottle with me whenever i step out of my home.

So now its your turn to tell me what is most surprising thing in your bag and what are your essentials.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

boe cosmetics-budget beauty find

Hi dolls.
I am going to introduce a budget beauty which I found here in Australia a while back. 

Boe is cosmetic range of bigw stores. Their entire range is $2 per piece. I spotted their rack On my first visit to store and picked 2 lip products just to check out the quality. I liked the quality and reasonable price so I picked few more things in my next couple of visits. Price is extremely ridiculous for beauty products in Australia and by far one of the cheapest yet decent quality line I have found here. Cosmetics are a bit pricey here. Lets see what I got and what I think about them.

<3 Lip products

As I said before, On my first visit I picked one lip cream and one jumbo lips crayon, I liked the quality and colors so I picked few more on my further visits.

left to right lip creams. shock pink #33, pillar box #34, blush pink #32, nude #31
jumbo lips. Better bare #23, Manic pink #21

swatches with flash

swatches without flash

lip creams are soft, non sticky and velvety in texture, staying powers is 2-3 hours and they fades leaving a tint behind. As you can see in swatches they are not completely matte, but a semi matte which looks more natural I believe. I got all the 4 shades available in store.
jumbo wind up lips are lip crayons, they glides smoothly on lips, quite pigmented and their staying power is 1-2 hours. You can always reapply because they are easy to carry with you. I love the fruity smell of jumbo lip wands. I will definitely check if their are more shades available. For 2$ lip products are steal.

<3 Eye products

I bought two mascaras from their eye range, one is curling mascara while the other one is volumizing, both separates my lashes and give them some volume and length I have pretty small n straight lashes. I have not seen any curling effect after using them. They comes off easily with water.
I also bought two liquid liners, one has brush tip while the other has felt tip, works ok if you draw single line but if you try to layer up to get intense color it looks.flakey. They dry in glossy finish and I am not a fan of that.
I have two eye shadows duos, they have fine shimmer in them, dark colors are good in quality and pigmented while the light shades need some effort to work with but they are buildable. I am not a fan of their eye products.

swatches left to right Liquid eye liner in #1 Black Noir, #5 Mettalic Bronze 
swatches of eye shade duos from left to right #42 Rose #43 Portwine, #55 Gold dust, #62 Charcoal

*I have created this eyelook using all boe products, Used Rose all over my eyelid, highlight shimmer powder under brow bone and tear duct area, I have used portwine on my crease area and under lower lashline. I am wearing volumizing mascara for this look. I used Metallic bronze eye liner. For tightlining I have used maybelline colossal kajal. On lips I am wearing boe matte lip cream in Nude#31.

<3 Face products

Boe also does face products e.g.pressed powders, bronzes, highlighters, and blush. I picked Bronzing powder, shimmer powder and pressed powder and want to try blush as well but there are no more blushes available in my store. I really like bronzer which is soft and velvety and have fine sheen in it, it gives a nice dimension to my face. pressed powder I picked is a bit light for me I believe and has slight shimmer so i like using it under eye area for an instant brightening effect. This powder is also good in quality and blends fine. Shimmer powder has to much gold shimmer in it so it can make you disco ball easily. I don't like it to use on cheek bone but it works well for eyebrow highlighting. Unfortunately my highlighter broke just after I got it with me to Home. Packaging is not good at all but I can't complain for the price I am paying.

on left #5 glow bronzing powder
on right pressed powder in #93 Fair

I also bought this boe makeup bag, this one was for 10 $ and I loved the color, size and print and as it says "Take me with you" so i picked it without a second thought. This is quite big In size and i can put not only all of my boe products but other variety of products with me in this bag. 

 So this was what I got from brand and what I think. They have launched pro line in some stores. I am looking forward when my store stock that pro range.

See yaa

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Gunmetal and brown smoky eye look

HI all.

Since I have not shared any eyelook with you guys from a long time so here is one.
I created this look yesterday when my son was out with my hubby and I got some me time and thought why not to utilize this in creating a look for my blog.

Used sleek oh so special palette for this eyelook. Used Highlighter from my Ardell brow palette.

Metallic Grey #5: all over lid.
Matte brown#10: above crease n under lower lashline.
Pink#8: inner corner of eye.
Highlighter: Ardell brow palette

I added this copper metallic eyeliner just 4 fun.
Products used for full look

Let me know how did you find it.
See yaa

Friday, 19 September 2014

Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara Reviw

Hello girls.

I am here with a review on Rimmel lash accelerator endless mascara. I bought this mascara on recommendation of a YouTube guru then I checked few more reviews before purchase and everyone was raving about it so I thought it will be a really good mascara. Lets see how I found it.

 This mascara comes in quite shiny yellow and black packaging. The applicator is of plastic, small and slightly tapered. The formula is thick and intense black.

What they say:

Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara Black 7.0 ml

Black: Instant Wow: Wraps and extends every lash. Up to 90% longer instantly! Conditions lashes, day after day.

As u can see I have short and straight lashes and I picked this for length for sure but when I applied it for first time I didn't see much lengthening as they claimed.

                               One coat

                              Two coats

I did not liked it much for the first time and thought I wasted my bucks. But when I used it again after 4-5 days ohh yeah I liked it, this time I found the formula was gone a bit thicker and when I applied it. It gave my lashes a good length and volume. As you can see in pictures it worked way better for 2nd time. I applied just a single coat in pictures bellow.

Yes It worked well, look at my bottom lashes they are way long then before. Wow.

                             single coat

I m now loving it. Some good points I found that It dries well does not smudges. Intense black formula makes my lashes super black even after single coat. What I like most about this product is that it do not irritates my super sensitive eyes ( I wear spectacles) and It is pretty easy to remove with my normal makeup removing wipes. I didnt experienced any lash shedding.

Finally It doesn't accelerated my lash growth, I am using it from last one month and my lashes are the same length as before. ( let me admit I am not using on daily bases) I found it a bit difficult to work with. You have mascara all over lids when you apply in hurry. Works ok for single coat and makes my lashes clumpy and spidery if I try to layer it up It doesn't curl my lashes. It is not waterproof, comes of easily with soap and water.

Bought for 17.95$ from local drug store.

Overall it is good mascara to add in your collection. I am loving it. Recommend.

Hope you find this review helpful.
                                See yaa