Wednesday, 9 April 2014

In sydney finally :)

Hi dolls.

This is going to be my first post from Sydney,Australia. How I reached here and how I managed to travel with my son is a long story but finally I am here, I reached here at 8th of March but was busy in unpacking, setting our apartment,, getting familiar with the ppl and atmosphere around me.  Alhamdulillah Life is settled now and I am happy and easy here. As I have not planned to work right now and I am staying at home so I have lot of time to blog now.

 be there for lots and lots of new posts and updates.

my workstation :)

see yaa

Friday, 20 December 2013

bangle set DIY

Hi dolls.

I am back to blogging with a new theme n new ideas.
Today what I want to share with you girls is a bangle set I made for my bestie for her mehndi.

I made this on her request and it matches her outfit perfectly.

Did u liked.
Would u like to see my future projects???

Stay tuned
See yaa

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Online Clothing Stores in Pakistan (guest post)

Hi dolls
Today I want to share a guest post with you people hope you like and encourage the author.
lets see what she wants to share with us.

About the Author 
Hi I am Shaheen Chishti a married woman who loves to write on several technical and interesting topics which include fashion and jewelry. I also work for various pvt firms as a freelance writer, I am glad I got a chance to write for Sahar awan's blog.
Hope to see you ppl again and again through different platforms. lets move on to the topic now:

Online Clothing Stores in Pakistan

Apparently online shopping in Pakistan has outgrown and is still fostering, making available new services and products. Online presence concretes the identity of your business. Similarly, local brands seeking operational expansion have this perfect getaway by marketing their brand(s) via social media peripherals. Yes! In fact internet is an open source, a free for all playground; merge it with the right tools and the result you get is a large chunk of online users.
The young has tons to enjoy choosing from a couple hundred brands. While, online clothing stores are offering head to toe apparel by renowned brands being packed and delivered for free at your home. I bet every 2 amongst 4 individuals are brand fanatics. For them, online clothing stores are safe havens! And For fashionistas, is their refuge. In addition, websites like TCS,,, and etcetera have designer clothing, jewelry, designer shoes, and accessories up for sale.
We also appreciated the introduction of new brands infusing creativity and which later became ever informative topic of our evening gossip across several social gatherings. Best example? Design Molvi is the answer.
Electronics and gadgets, baby garments, books, tablets and computers, kitchen utensils, wristwatches..
every active e-commerce venture has made products available in these categories. A huge assortment it is for an average, middle class consumer. Easy steps with secured online payment methods let to shop online with convenience.

Be advised, fraud and identity theft risks ahead! Google some results on customer reviews regarding their experiences with a certain website you wish to make a purchase from. |
Zahir Rahimtoola’s fashion empire, Labels e-store, is the other fashion house of Pakistan whose operations expand to the U.S, and to the UAE. In comparison, is the most advertised trademark in Pakistan. Daraz has this uniqueness of caring for the fashion needs of a customer.

Currently, these are the only fashion pros which possess an online clothing store or call it an online portal.
Pakistan remains a successful, consumer-rich market due to the fact of inhabiting smart entrepreneurs for bringing foreign businesses to this soil.

hope you find this article helpful.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

DIY lip palette tutorial

hi sweets!

 I was reorganizing my makeup and I found a few of my lippies with broken bullets and melted shapes. I found an old eye palette in my stash with beautiful shades but weird smell, palette was expired and it can cause eye allergy if you use an expired eye shade. Here an idea clicked my mind and I separated the palette and lipsticks from the other stash.

friday night I got some time and I decided to create my lip palette. I captured the whole process to post the DIY lip palette making idea on my I am using my broken or almost empty lipsticks but you can use many lipsticks of your choice and set them into a palette it will save space and you can carry your favorite shades with you in your bag every where you want and need. This idea is great for those little bits of your favorite lippies. I am using my old eye palette for the process you can use new empty palette or empty metal containers.

you will need:

  • empty palette
  • spatula or knife
  • candle 
  • a metal spoon 
  • and few lipsticks (broken bullets or you can use any of your chioce)
note: sanitize your spatula and knife before use and do not over heat lipsticks. 

lets see what i did

 separated my broken and almost finished lipsticks and expired eye palette.

emptied the palette and washed it with Luke warm water and dettol. dried the palette with a tissue paper and putted it upside down on a news paper to make sure its completely dry and ready to use.

lit the candle, cutt off the lipstick and put it in spoon, hold over flame to melt the lipstick. pour it in empty pan. do not over heat or overfill.
  • here i am melting my elf lippie in classy, after pouring it in pan there was still some liquid left in spoon so i added my eye pigment in the liquid and created my version of classy lipstick with a beautiful coral shimmer in it.
mix and match as many shades as you want if you have some extra after filling origional one in pan. i made 6 new shades with mixing different lipsticks and adding pigment in lipsticks.

This is the final result, labelled the shades and this palette is my happy travel version of my favorite shades.

did you like the project?
do share your views. I would like to read what you have in your mind.

see yaa

Saturday, 6 April 2013

swap with fellow blogger

hi girls!

few days before me and my fellow blogger "Faby khan" swap some makeup goods,
do check her blog please
 beautifullflavya blog

she picked some items from my previous sale album (you can check details here) and I picked some items of same amount from her facebook sale album (you can check details here)

she picked loreal foundation, rivaj stippling brush, luscious compact powder, elf cover stick, from my sale album and I simply choose two bundles of her sale album bundle 4 and bundle 5

lets see what i got,
she packed every thing beautifully in a wrapper full of love <3

 she packed every thing beautifully in a wrapper full of love <3

Faby sent me this cute bubble as a gift 

lots of love dear

simply am loving every thing i got...stay tuned for reviews and swatches...
see yaa

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pakistani Beauty Bloggers 1st Ever Secret Swap

HI pretties..

Pakistani Beauty Blogger Community  is well know among all Pakistani bloggers and for those who may not know let me tell you that this is a community of all beauty bloggers of Pakistan whether they are living in Pakistan or not, if you are a Pakistani blogger you are a part of it just sendan email to  the lovely administrators (Sarah and Sana) with your blog link and details and you will be welcomed by them soon..

Pakistan beauty blogger community had a fun activity of secret swap in which they decided a certain amount for the swap and those bloggers who wanted to participate has to be filled up a form, I filled a form in which mostly my makeup preferences and skin issues were asked.. every body did the same with their likes nd dislikes.. Then they give each blogger a name of other blogger and we sent them some gifts of certain amount keeping our name secret.. check the album where all  gifts are shown with names..

I sent my swap gifts to <3 Anila farrukh check her post about secret swap here

I still dont know who was my swap partner but i am loving each and every thing sent by her.. once i get her name i will add in this post inshaAllah..

(update) hey I got my partner name she is Hina Mohammad....check her blog cosmetique blog
 A big THANK YOU to you <3 SWEETIE PIE..

let me show you what I got from her with lots of love 

 hope we have some more fun activities via PBBC in future 
hey plz share you secret swap post in comments so i may check all

see yaa 

Monday, 18 February 2013

makeup organizers n some makeup stuff

 hi girls
how are you all, i am feeling a bit low today
here is a quick photograph post about my makeup organizers, I have 6 drawers in my vanity table but my growing makeup stash forced me to pick these colorful organizers, I find them in local market, costed 750 PKR each and I think this is not a huge amount if you want to invest for an organizer...

I love this love mug and i use it for keeping my daily use brushes 

 jute mug is very beautiful and handmade it was gifted to me by a friend of mine, black jewelry pot is perfect for keeping my small ear studs in it 

 my blushers,some single eye shadows n highlighters etc 

 few lippies 

 eye stuff, mascaras,jumbo pencils,liners,kajals,brow products etc

 my lash collection 

 foundations,powders, concealers etc 

 my lip gloss collection 

tell me how you organize your makeup stuff 
see yaa